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What we build

Data Science

Making uninformed decisions is costly.
Today many companies sit on unused data that could potentially transform their business model.
We offer end-to-end solutions that help in making data-driven decisions. Whether you want automated daily reports on key metrics, state of the art Machine Learning techniques predicting your Customer Lifetime Value or a centralised database tieing together all the data created by your business, we can build it for you.
What gets measured, gets done.

Web Development

We build beautiful, fast and secure web applications that make your business grow.
Working together with chosen UI/UX experts, our design is user-driven while having your business objective in mind. You will have easy access to all the content on your website and have free reign over which CMS you want your website to connect to. All the websites we build are fully responsive and search-engine-optimized.

How we build

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FC Barcelona

Knowing all of La Liga’s players. Without watching a single game. Solely based on data.

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Creating a fast and beautiful website without losing the functioning elements of the version

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firefly international

Helping to educate children in conflict ridden areas in the world.

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Making the decision process within a team quicker and more transparent.

Why we build


chtízo (kizo) means building. That’s what we strive for - that’s what makes us propel. We create new, relevant, value-adding products, platforms and concepts for our clients. Our mission: we want to build things that actually matter.

Build with us

Since we make sure all our products are perfectly tailored to your needs we don't offer generic services. Instead, let's talk about the product you'd like to build. Either send us a message through the contact form or just give us a call.+34 666 854 705